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Rate of Fire .4 Magazine Size N/A
Damage 9 Recoil N/A
Projectile Info
Projectile Speed N/A    
Hitscan Info
Bullets To Shoot N/A Bullet Spread N/A
Pre Reload Time N/A Reload Time N/A
Post Reload Time N/A Spintime (AC) N/A
Default Ammo N/A Max Ammo N/A
Ammo Type N/A    

A futuristic portable medkit. Used by the Medic.


It's a melee weapon.

Special Abilities

  • The Medkit can heal wounded allies. No matter how wounded an ally is, it will increase their health to 100%.
  • If an ally already has 100% health, then the Medkit can be continued to be used on the target until his is 150%.
  • The Medkit can be tossed by pressing mouse2. Tossed Medkits heal your allies by 15 health, costs 10 cells (which recharge overtime) and last for 5 seconds after being thrown.
  • The Medkit will cure most status effects. If the target has an infection, it will cure it and make him immune for 10 seconds.
  • If you use it on an enemy, it will infect him with a virus that can only be cured by his team's Medics, or when the infection has lasted for 20 seconds.

Strategy And Tips

A lot of Medics only use this to infect enemies. If you're running into the enemy's base and see that an ally is wounded, heal him! As an offense weapon, it does pitiful damage, but if you want to see the enemy's defense freak out, infect a few defenders.

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