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Rate of Fire .2 Magazine Size N/A
Damage Variable Recoil Variable
Projectile Info
Projectile Speed 1500    
Hitscan Info
Bullets To Shoot 1 Bullet Spread N/A
Pre Reload Time N/A Reload Time N/A
Post Reload Time N/A Spintime (AC) N/A
Default Ammo Variable Max Ammo 50
Ammo Type Nails    

A futuristic laser gun. Used by the Engineer.


This weapon can be charged up, increasing it's power. If it's charged for too long, it'll short out and give out cells.

Special Abilities

Strategy And Tips

The Railgun is a very potent weapon when used correctly. It's rate of fire and damage is low at first, but it can be charged up, causing it to inflict a significant amount of damage to whomever it hits, along with accompanying splash damage. If you fire it at an angle, it'll ricochet off the wall and bounce around for a few seconds before it either hits a target or explodes on it's own. Because you must charge it up to get the full effect, it's not good when you're suddenly facing an enemy. If you have some time and are expecting a wave of enemies to come soon, break it out and charge it up. It just might one-shot an enemy.

You can also make a long jump with it. Charge it up to it's maximum, run, point down and fire and jump at the same time. This'll cause you to jump much further than you usually would, but it damages you in the process. However, the Engineer isn't built as an offensive class, so it's uses are pretty limited. For example, you can use it to catch up with a Medic that has you flag.

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Image Gallery

An uncharged Railgun projectile.
The Railgun charged up. Notice the different colour of the barrel and the blue at the end of the barrel.
A charged up Railgun shot will cause an explosion to occur when it hits a wall.
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