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Sniper Rifle
Rate of Fire ? Magazine Size N/A
Damage Variable Recoil .5
Projectile Info
Projectile Speed N/A    
Hitscan Info
Bullets To Shoot 1 Bullet Spread 0
Pre Reload Time N/A Reload Time N/A
Post Reload Time N/A Spintime (AC) N/A
Default Ammo Variable Max Ammo 75
Ammo Type Shells    

A highly-modified AR-15 designed for sniping. Used by the Snipers.


The amount of damage done is between 45 and 273, depending on the amount of time charged (1 - 5 seconds). It is also dependent on location. A head shot deals double damage, and a leg shot deals half damage.

Special Abilities

  • If you hit an enemy's leg, he will be Crippled.
  • If an enemy survives a shot, he will be Tagged.

Strategy And Tips

The weapon can be charged by holding down the Fire1 (Default: Left Mouse) key. While it's charging, a bar will appear under your crosshair, showing how much it's charged. Beware; while charging the rifle, a red dot will appear, pointing where your crosshair is. To effectivly charge it, point the gun at a wall next to you and charge until it's at 100%. While holding down the fire button, you will walk very slowly, and if you crouch, it'll be almost impossible to move. Also, you cannot fire unless you are on the ground.

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Image Gallery

The Sniper Rifle being charged up. Notice the status bar and the faintness of the beam.
The Sniper Rifle almost completely charged up. Notice how strong the beam is now.
The Sniper Rifle doesn't have to be zoomed in to charge up.
Image gallery filler.jpg