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Rate of Fire .4 s Magazine Size N/A
Damage 30 Recoil N/A
Projectile Info
Projectile Speed N/A    
Hitscan Info
Bullets To Shoot N/A Bullet Spread N/A
Pre Reload Time N/A Reload Time N/A
Post Reload Time N/A Spintime (AC) N/A
Default Ammo N/A Max Ammo N/A
Ammo Type Cells    

A wrench that can be used to support the team in a variety of ways. Used by the Engineer.


It's a melee weapon. It does exactly the same amount of damage to enemies as the Crowbar, which isn't a lot.

Special Abilities

  • The spanner can repair a teammate's Armour if you hit him with it.
  • If you hit a friendly Sentry Gun or Dispenser with your wrench, you will repair it and fill it with ammo from your reserves.
  • If you hit a sentry that isn't level 3 and you have 130 metal, you will upgrade it.

Strategy And Tips

This weapon is what gives the Engineer his support powers. As a weapon, it's a Crowbar with a new model. Don't use it as a weapon unless you get caught with your pants down, and even then you should switch to your Super Shotgun.

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