Engineer Scripts

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Here you will find scripts that will be used ONLY by the Engineer Class.

All scripts in this section should be placed in your engineer.cfg

Offensive Engineer Script

Script by Dr.Satan

Offensive Engineer Script
//---- Alias ----

alias sg_loc "say_team Sg going up at %sl"
alias sg_help "say_team My Sg (%sv / %sl) is in trouble {%sh H}{%sa A}"
alias sg_det "say_team Detonating my Sg at %sl; wait; detsentry"
alias dis_loc "say_team Disp. going up at %dl"
alias dis_help "say_team My Disp. at %dl needs supplies {%dh H}{%da A}"
alias dis_det "say_team Detonating my Dispenser at %dl; wait; detdispencer"

//---- Binds Alias ----

alias b_1 "bind KP_END sg_loc"
alias b_2 "bind KP_DOWNARROW sg_help"
alias b_3 "bind KP_PGDN sg_det"
alais b_4 "bind KP_LEFTARROW dis_loc"
alias b_5 "bind KP_5 dis_help"
alias b_6 "bind KP_RIGHTARROW dis_det"
alias binds "b_1; wait; b_2; wait; b_3; wait; b_4; wait; b_5; wait; b_6"

//---- O Engy ----

alias oengy "say_team Going O Engy!!; wait; wait; sg_loc1; wait; wait; dis_loc1; wait; binds"
alias sg_loc1 "say_team My Sg is %sv at %sl with {%sh H}{%sa A}"
alias dis_loc1 "say_team My Dispenser is at %dl with {%dh H}{%da A}"
bind KP_ENTER "oengy"