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What is a server?

A server is a portal that allows other online players to play the game.

There are 4 types of servers to choose from:

Listen Server

This type of server may be started in-game by selecting the Create Server option. Listen Servers are ideal for small LAN games (this type of server is not intended to be used as a public server).

Steam Dedicated Server

This type of server may be started through Steam by selecting a server application to run under the Tools tab. Steam Dedicated Servers require more system resources than the Stand-Alone Dedicated Server and cannot be started automatically when your computer is booted up.

Stand-Alone Dedicated Server

This type of server is intended for advanced users who intend to run the dedicated server software to host internet games. Stand-Alone Dedicated Servers offer the best performance and configuration options, however, you must use a console interface to manage the server. Also check out How to install a SRCDS.

Linux Dedicated Server

The Linux Dedicated Server is a variant of the Stand-Alone Dedicated Server designed to run on Linux.

Getting Started

What programs do I need?

Before you even start the server install you really need to have several programs which are necessary tools that will enable you to configure/update and manage your server.

Listed below are the programs that are recommended you have installed and are somewhat familiar with before you start putting together your server.

FTP - File Transfer Protocol Program

In order to upload your server’s files from your computer to the remote server that runs your ff server and vise versa you must have an FTP or File Transfer Protocol Program. Many hosting companies offer file access through your browser and it is useful for a quick update if you are not on your primary computer. However, an actual FTP client is much more stable and faster to use.

There are lots of free FTP programs available on the Internet but almost all of them have limitations, nag screens or are supported by ads. We recommend the following FTP clients which are widely used, fully functional and completely free:



Compression Utility Program

In order to conserve hard drive space, extract compressed files (of various formats) and to create .bz2 files if you utilize the fast download feature for your web site you need to have a compression utility program.

There are lots of free compression utility programs available on the Internet but almost all of them have limitations, nag screens or are supported by ads. We recommend using the following compression utility program which is widely used, fully functional and completely free:


Server Management Program

In order to manage your server, test configuration variables and check on it’s status one must have a server management program.

There are lots of free server management programs available on the Internet but a lot of them have limitations, nag screens, are supported by ads . We recommend using the following server management utility which is widely used, fully functional and completely free:

HLSW Gameserver Tool

File:Note.png Note(s):

A) Download and use the “Official Download” for the most stable version.

B) You do not need to utilize the built steam log in part of HLSW to effectively manage your server. It is only required if you want to be able to log into it and utilize Steam functions like chat. Just click on “Offline Mode” to manage you server.

Installing the Mod

Most game server companies are willing to download and install mods for you so give them the link for the Downloads Section and ask them to download and install the latest release for you.

If they are not willing to do this you will need to use one of the FTP Programs above and extract the Latest Version of Fortress Forever to your Half Life 2 Based Server.

File:Note.png Note(s):

A) You must be running a Half Life 2 based server for Fortress Forever to run.

B) You may need to create a new FortressForever file in your server's core files. You will need to consult your server company for suggestions on how to do this.


Altough we have tried our hardest to be as detailed and helpful as possible, we all know that there is no way we can possibly answer all your questions. So if you feel your in need of some major help, please feel free to contact someon via the portals below:

[AE] on TeamSpeak

The [AE]Clan has offered and setup an outlet to give people assistance with setting up their server using the voice communication program Team Speak. To utilize this resource you must have the program installed. The program is completely free and user friendly, not to mention easy to use. It can be downloaded from: The Teamspeak Web-Site

To get server help from the [AE]Clan; download and install Team Speak the then copy and paste the following line into your browser:


When you click on the link you will get a message asking if you want to launch an associated program which you will need to accept in order for the link to automatically launch the Team Speak program and put you in the [AE] clan’s communication server.

File:Note.png Note(s):

A) Once you enter the server if someone doesn’t join the channel and make contact you with you within 3-5 minutes click on an [AE] player’s name that is in another channel and send them a text message requesting assistance.

B) Please be patient while waiting for someone to assist you as they may have to stop playing FF and then join you in the channel to provide you assistance.


See discussion page


If you can not find what your looking for please feel free to email us at and we will assist you the best we can.

Please use descriptive titles in the "subject" line as to assure that your email is sent to the right box and checked by the appropriate person(s).

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Customizing Your Server

Once you have your server set up, you will probably want to customize your server. There are several things you can do to customize your server. However we have broken it down into two groups to make things simpler.



What is a server:

Configuring Your Server: