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The Fortress Forever in-game main menu.

Options that do not require that you be on a server

  • Find Servers - This will show all of the Fortress Forever servers up, along with their tick, amount of players, if it's a public or private server, and what map they're playing.
  • Create Server - This will create a local server for use in LANs.
  • Options - This allows you to edit things like your microphone and sound volume, your graphics settings, and your username.
  • Fortress Options - This will allow you to edit your crosshair/sounds the game makes when you are using a grenade/ Dynamic Lights settings for flame trower, nades etc../Optimized for number of gibs etc../ and Gameplay Graphics. See Setup for more information.
  • Quit - This will allow you to exit the game.

Options that show up only when you're in a server

  • Resume Game - This will get rid of the menu and put you back in control of your character.
  • Disconnect - This will disconnect you from the server you are on.
  • Player List - This shows the names (ingame and Steam Community) of people playing. This menu can let you mute players.

Installation and Setup
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