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- The respawn zone for each team needs to be carefully placed. Too far forward, and attacks will be intercepted too early. Too far back and it will take too long to get to the enemy. This applies a lot more to CTF than it does to other modes, but it is still important.

- Keep your maps small! Few players play Fortress Forever, so a map that is designed for more than 10 players is pretty much useless (From my experience).

- The big servers are always looking for fun maps. If you think of a fun gamemode, don't be scared to try it out.

- Try to make your map unique. Try making your own textures and gamemode.

- Make a .lua file for your map. This is VERY important, if you don't, you're stuck with CTF and the default backpacks.

- Customise the gamemodes! Even if it is just changing one of the variables, making the mode more individual to that map can really help. Don't go overboard though, no-one wants to learn an entirely different gamemode with no help.


- Make sure players know where both the flag is, and the capture point. You don't want new players on your map to run around aimlessly!

- Check to see if the capture point and flag room makes sense. The capture point should be near the front, and the flag should be near the back, generally underground.

- There should be multiple routes into a flag room. This prevents heavy classes from blocking the way forward. Of course, this might not necessarily be the case, but the spawns would have to be closer, and players will get frustrated easier (The last thing you want is for a player to rage-quit on a small server).

Attack and Defend / Invade and Defend

- Remember the differences between the two, players could get confused if you label the gamemode wrong.

- Size matters even more here. There needs to be not too many ways forward so that the defenders can't defend properly, but not too little ways forward so that the attackers can't attack properly.

- Detpack walls can be a good way to slow down gameplay, as players have to spend time to destroy the wall. Make sure that only the attackers can destroy it though, a defender doesn't want to accidently unlock a new route. It's recommended that you only put 1 detpack wall in a map too, too many and the gameplay will slow down too much.

- Keep the capture points close by to the defenders, they don't want to have to run miles to the point. However, don't put them too close either, or they'll keep the point except if they're at a severe disadvantage.

Attack and Defend:

- Remember that AD maps have 3 capture points. No less, no more.

Invade and Defend:

- Remember that ID maps can have from 1 - 8 capture points. Don't put too many in, because, as I said before, not many people play Fortress Forever at once, so a long 8 cap ID map will take frustratingly long.

Control Point