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The Pyro is an interesting class. At first glance, he seems to be as bound to the ground as the HW Guy. However, has a variety of unique propulsion methods available. These are incendiary cannon (IC) jumps, IC + napalm grenade jumps, and flamethrower gliding. The IC jump is the most basic of these and is often used to reach inaccessible places such as enemy battlements. Adding a napalm grenade to the mix will give a lot of vertical thrust if timed properly. The flamethrower also has a mild jet pack-type effect that can be used for height gain or gliding.

Performing the jumps

Basic Incendiary Cannon Jump

The basic incendiary cannon jump is simple. Look straight down, jump, and then fire your IC. The resulting knockback will send you upwards. Slight things such as timing and angle of fire can be adjusted to achieve different effects. It only takes a little bit of practice before you're practically a master at it.

Some things to note about this jump:

  • It doesn't go very high, but you don't take much damage from it.
  • Since you don't take much damage from the jump, this makes it ideal for constant use in order to maneuver through the enemy base.
  • This is a very good speed booster, shoot yourself at a mostly horizontal angle to start a good bunnyhop.

IC + Napalm Grenade Jump

If you've tried an IC jump, you will note that it doesn't get you very high up. This is where the napalm grenade comes in handy. This type of jump isn't necessary that often, but it is very good to be able to pull off reliably when you need it. The concept is simple: combine an IC jump with the explosion of a napalm grenade. Start by priming (holding down the grenade key without letting go or tapping it once, depending on your settings) a napalm grenade. As the grenade nears the end of its fuse (usually in the time between the 3rd beep and detonation), do an IC jump. If done properly, the combination should give you an extreme vertical boost.

Some things to note about this jump:

  • This jump works best when standing still and doing a straight vertical jump.
  • The timing is very difficult. It takes a lot of practice to get it down reliably.

Flamethrower Gliding

This is arguably the main method of propulsion to the Pyro who likes flying through the sky. The flamethrower has a jet pack-like effect that pushes you up if you point it down and fire it while jumping. The height gain is significant, and with practice can be used to get up to most battlements on stages. It can also be used to cushion falls.

Some things to note about this jump:

  • If you're good at bunnyhopping, try bunnyhopping backwards while firing the flamethrower.
  • A prime example where this comes in handy is the crossover2 pit. Drop down onto the ledge right below the actual ledge (on top of that weird U-shape thing in the middle) and then glide down to safety. You can drop into the pit without taking any damage.


For the enterprising Pyro, a more advanced jump technique is available. By using the flamethrower to push yourself to the ground, you can force yourself into a double jump. Start by looking straight up, jumping, and then fire the flamethrower while in the air. Make sure you hit and hold jump against before you hit the ground. Once you hit the ground, stop firing. If timed properly, you should jump higher than a normal jump would allow. If you're quick enough, you can look down as you enter the double jump and use flamethrower gliding to gain even more height, and adding a properly timed frag grenade can send you literally across the yard on some maps!

This is the preferred method of Pyro movement once mastered. It can reach more places than IC jumping, and doesn't deal any damage to the Pyro.

Notes about these jumps

These jumps are integral to the Pyro class, especially IC jumps and flametrimping. Because they operate on a smaller scale compared to conc jumps or rocket jumps, they can be utilized very effectively in battle with minimal risk to yourself. IC jump up on ledges, circle behind your target, and then finish him off from behind. Completely skip a defender by jumping right over him. The possibilities are almost endless.

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