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This is for the hint ideas we had. This page contains things relating to ingame hints -- i.e. hints displayed (text) or played (audio) as the user actively plays the game and is given hints depending on his or her actions.

Ingame Hints

Ingame Hints are displayed dynamically depending on what the player is doing, which weapon they are carrying, whether their health is low, if their buildables are damaged or require upgrade and so forth.

  • Each hint should be displayed / played once by default.
  • After being triggered once, the hint should be semi active. Semi-active hints will pop up a small icon on the hud (like a lightbulb) but will not actually display/play to the player
  • If players wish to activate the old hint, they can press a key to see/hear it.

These ideas are basically a culmination of BF2's style of doing things, but with the added ability to activate hints multiple times. I found it very annoying that, in BF2, hints would play once and then would no longer be available. Not everybody hears the hints the first time around!

If a Hint requires its own page, use the prefix Hint:. Each hint should have a criteria for activation (E.g. Sentry gun health < 100%), a description of what the hint actually does (E.g. audio. Tells the player to equip the spanner by selecting slot one, then strike the sentry gun with the spanner to repair it) as well as any other pertinent information.

List of Hints

  • Scout

1) Event: First spawn +5 seconds Hint: Scouts are used for their speed and ability to move the flag. Don't worry about your death column or stopping to fight, avoid enemies and get to the objective!

2) Event: First radar use Hint: The scout radar is powered by cells. Use it as a snapshot of the enemy positions ahead.

3) Event: First thrown conc Hint: Concussion grenades will dizzy enemies, but can also be used to jump for a big boost. See the FF training mode for more information.

4) Event: Conc hint #2 Hint: The outer edge of a concussion explosion will provide the most push to dislodge friend and foe alike; use this to your advantage!

5) Event: First initial touch on a flag Hint: Your score will go up when you grab a flag in its home position. You receive additional points for touching the flag again before it returns. There are other ways for scout to get points that don't involve killing the enemy team.

6) Event CTF: Scout does not leave his own base(his own teams colored rooms from the lua shit) for 60 seconds Hint: Get out there and go for the enemy flag! Consider choosing a more armored class if you'd like to help defend your team's flag.

  • Sniper

1) Event: select sniper rifle Hint: The sniper rifle has a unique charging mechanism: Press and hold your attack button to charge your shot. The longer the charge, the more damage dealt. A fully charged shot is x seconds.

2) Event: Player shoots an enemy with a non-lethal shot and proceeds to die before the tagged enemy does Hint: Snipers radio tag enemies with their sniper rifle on non-lethal shots. You still earn points even if you don't finish off an enemy but he dies while the tag is still active.

3) Event: Sniper legshots an enemy Hint: Legshot! Shooting an enemy in the leg slows their movement based on the damage dealt. Points are rewarded for slowing enemies even if you can't finish them off.

4) Event: Sniper headshots an enemy Hint: Headshot! The sniper rifle is the only weapon in the game that deals more damage to the head, aim for the eyes!

5) Event: 3 consecutive uncharged shots from sniper rifle Hint: Remember you can charge your shots for more damage, press and hold your attack button to charge, release to shoot. Master this and you will be the bane of your enemies!

  • Soldier

1) Event: Prime nail grenade Hint: Nail grenades are especially effective against sentryguns covering chokepoints.

2) Event: Enemy sentrygun locks onto you Hint: Remember, nail grenades excel at taking out sentry guns, toss one at the sentrygun with the {gren2} key.

3) Event: Player logs 10 minutes of soldier class Hint: The RPG can be used as a movement tool. While looking down, fire and jump at the same time to propel yourself upwards. Try other angles, experiment!

  • Demoman

1) Event: First spawn +5 seconds Hint: The demoman is a master of explosives: Grenade and pipe launchers excel at holding choke points and laying pipetraps, while mirv grenades and detpacks can clear entire rooms.

2) Event: select slot 5 Hint: This is the pipelauncher: You can lay a maximum of 8 pipes on the ground at any one time, which can be detonated by pressing the {special/attack2} key.

3) Event: Firing green/yellow pipes + 10 seconds Hint: Pipes are not armed until they cease glowing red. Try to use the geometry of the map to bounce pipes and overcome their arming delay. If you're feeling risky you can explode and jump off of pipebombs to reach higher areas. See the FF training mode for more information. (we can split into two hints)

4) Event: Select slot 4 Hint: This is the grenade launcher, the demoman's most effective weapon in close range combat: It's blue grenade projectiles explode on impact with friend and foe.

5) Event: Select slot 6 Hint: The detpack is a giant explosive device that can be used to open alternate routes on some maps, but you will need protection to set one up in the midst of battle. Press and hold the (attack key) to begin setting the detpack when you're at an enemy location.

6) Event: Setting detpack Hint: (if we choose to implement this on the fly fuse thing). Release the (attack key) when you've selected the fuse time. When it's set, run for cover!

  • Medic

1) Event: Allied player within 1000 units calls for medic for the first time Hint: A friendly player nearby is requesting medical attention. Select your medpack with the {slot1} key and press your attack button at close range to heal.

2) Event: First thrown conc(this hint should play only once for the player. See identical entry under Scout) Hint: Concsussion grenades will dizzy enemies, but can also be used to jump for a big boost. See the FF training mode for more information.

3) Event: Conc hint #2 Hint: The outer edge of a concussion explosion will provide the most push to dislodge friend and foe alike; use this to your advantage!

4) Event: Medic tries to heal a player who is Immune. Hint: This enemy player was recently healed from infection and is immune for a short time.

  • HWGuy

1) Event: AC overheats Hint: Limit the amount you hold fire to keep the assault cannon from overheating. It is possible to maintain a high rate of fire without overheating if done correctly.

  • Pyro

1) Event: Select flamethrower Hint: The flamethrower excels as a short range weapon, particularily against the heavier classes.

2) Event: Select IC Hint: The IC cannon excels at raining fire from afar, use it to bombard enemies from safety.

3) Event: Taking AC damage Hint: Try to close the gap on the Hwguy and circle around them using the flamethrower.

4) Event: + 5 minutes playing as pyro Hint: The pyro's IC cannon(slot 5) can be used to aid manueverability. Try to use its push effect to help reach different places around the map.

  • Spy

1) Event: Player plays for 5 minutes without disguising. Hint: Bring up the class menu with the {special/+attack2} key to see your disguise options. Try to blend in with the other team while disguised as one of them.

2) Event: Player successfully backstabs from disguise to steal enemy disguise Hint: By landing the killing stab while disguised, you have now taken on the disguise of your dead foe. Use this to your advantage!

3) Event: Player's disguise is removed by proximity to an enemy spy or scout Hint: Running into an enemy spy or scout class will remove your disguise.

4) Event: Player selects the knife Hint: Backstabbing enemies with the knife results in an instant kill. Close range only, try to be sneaky!

5) Event: Player selects the tranq gun Hint: Use the tranquilizer gun to drug enemies, slowing them and reducing their ability to see. For more information on how this works, check out the Fortress Forever Wiki on our website.

6) Event: Player falls to a crunching thud(damage taking fall due to +duck not being held) Hint: Use the {+duck} key to crouch when landing from a high fall. You will make less noise and take less damage.

  • Engineer

1) Event: First spawn +5 seconds Hint: The engineer is normally a defensive class, he can build sentry guns to defend an area. Once you've found a good spot, select weapon slot 5 and press your attack button to begin building.

2) Event: Building a gun Hint: You are building a sentry gun. Retrieve packs to stock, upgrade or repair your gun. 130 cells upgrades your gun to the next level.

3) Event: Gun finished building Hint: Aim your sentry gun by bringing up the quick menu, point your crosshair where you'd like your sentry to point and select aim sentry (aim thing isn't intuitive now- should happen after you select command [-it does though?-dos])

4) Event: Hitting you or an allies gun with the wrench that is full health, and is upgradable while player has < 130 cells. Hint: You need more power cells to upgrade this sentry gun. Gather packs until you have 130 cells. This cell count is visible in the (lower left). (make it pulse maybe to coincide?- seems like we could handle this more simply)

5) Event: Building a dispenser Hint: You are building a dispenser, this will generate ammo and armor to replenish other players.

6) Event: Dispenser finished building Hint: You can add to the dispenser's stock by gathering supplies and hitting it with your wrench. Beware, a fully stocked dispenser can be a dangerous weapon!

I'd rather the following shit be taken care of by better feedback via the buildable health stuff that's already on the hud (pulsing/color + sound that your gun is taking damage) 7) Event: Sentry gun damaged Hint: "Your sentry is under attack! Take out the enemy or try to repair your gun with your wrench."

8) Event: Dispenser damaged Hint: "Your dispenser is damaged, try to repair it with your wrench.

9) Event: Enemy touches dispenser Hint: "An enemy is using your dispenser! You can detonate a dispenser to kill enemies, the more supplies it holds the bigger the explosion." (think we can leave this out)

10) Event: Teammate engineer building gun w/in 1000 radius Hint: A teammate near you is building a gun. You can help upgrade or repair other friendly sentry guns with your wrench.

11) Event: Allied player within 1000 units calls for engineer/armor for the first time. Hint: A friendly player nearby is requesting armor. Select your wrench with the {slot1} key and use at close range to repair their armor.

  • Global

1) Event: When playing as non-engy, teammate builds a sentrygun within 1000 units (same circumstance as an engy hint, class-specific hints should play over general hints if same event) Hint: A friendly engineer near you is setting up a sentry gun. Guard against incoming enemies and protect them as they build.

2a) Event: 2 consecutive unprimed grenades thrown(with +gren1/gren2 commands used) Hint: Grenades are primed by pressing and holding the {+gren1} key or {+gren2} key. Release to throw. Be careful, you want it to explode in the enemies face not yours!

2b) Event: 2 consecutive unprimed grenades thrown(using the double tap commands) Hint: Grenades are primed by pressing the {primeone} key or {primetwo} key. Press each key again to throw. Be careful, you want it to explode in the enemies face not yours!

3) Event: Player goes for 10 minutes without issuing the "lastinv" weapon switch command Hint: The {lastinv} key can be used to quickly switch between the last two weapons used.

4) Event: Player dies from emp explosion Hint: If you see an EMP grenade headed your way try to avoid bags lying around on the ground. The EMP grenade detonates any ammunition in the vicinity so discard excess ammo by pressing the {dropitems} key.

  • Comments

1) Ideally we should have voiceovers for all the hints we end up using.

2) The {} brackets denote a live link to the current config to pull the correct key assignment