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This page describes a few of the handy movement skills in Fortress Forever.


See: Movement:Bunnyhopping

Wall Strafing

Running parallel to a wall while holding strafe (so that the player 'leans' into the wall) results in a reasonable speed boost. This occurs because the strafe & forward velocities combined are greater when applied in a straight line. Normally, the player would strafe to the side meaning they are travelling off-line, but the wall holds the player on a straight path, so the player gets the extra velocity and retains the direction of travel.

Wall Strafing is a traditional movement skill and is a habit for a lot of people.

Ramp sliding

When a player hits a ramp or other incline at a fast speed (without jumping), the player will naturally glide up the surface without losing much speed providing they do not hold the forward or backward movement keys. Players can direct their slide by using the strafe keys and the mouse in a smooth gliding action.

Video Tutorial on Youtube (Low quality) or Stage6 (High quality)


Trimping is a movement skill where players moving at high speeds are able to 'bounce' (by jumping as they land on it) off a sloped surface in order to reach greater heights than normally possible.

The vertical distance possible is dependent on two factors:

  • The player's horizontal speed
  • The gradient of the slope with respect to the player's direction of travel

If the slope is facing away from the player (i.e. the player is travelling downhill) then the player will gain horizontal speed while losing height.

Video Tutorial on Youtube (Low Quality) or Stage6 (High quality)


Sharking, aka Water Strafing or Speedboating, is the act of gliding across the surface of a body of water. Sharking can be performed by simply landing onto the surface of a body of water with jump held. The majority of the player's horizontal velocity will be retained as long as the jump button is held. Sharking players can turn in a manner similar to Bunnyhopping while retaining speed, i.e. turning is achieved by letting go of the forward key, then using the strafe keys & the mouse to change direction. If the crouch button is held, it slows you down similarly to holding duck while strafe jumping.

Video Tutorial on Youtube (Low quality)


Bluehopping is the use of the Demoman's blue pipe grenade launcher to continuously propel the player forward. It is used in conjunction with bunnyhopping to obtain speeds usually not possible with the Demoman without the use of green pipe jumping or grenade jumping. This technique has limited usability in actual gameplay because the player takes large amounts of damage while performing it.

Bluehopping Demonstration on WeGame