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A crosshair is the image in the center of your screen that you use to aim at enemies. In Fortress Forever, instead of making a standard set of crosshairs, you have the ability to make your own by choosing two different shapes and combining them together. With over 30 different shapes to choose from the first section and over 50 in the second, there are a large amount of combinations that can be made.

In addition, you can also adjust the color of the crosshair as well as it's transparency. You can even specify your crosshair per weapon.

Grenade Timer

Under the Grenade Timer tab, you will find a set of sound files which can be used to be the in-game noise you will hear when you press the grenade button (Default F, and G). Although you are provided with a small set of extra sounds, you can use any sound file in a .wav or .mp3 filetype that is 4 seconds in length.

Team Colored HUD

Under the Fortress Options selection, you will find an option to turn the Team Colored HUD on or off. If you have not tried it yet, give it a go!