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Developer Journal: Crazycarl

Posted 7 years ago Level Optimization / Clean Up
This Christmas, don't spend time with your family, play FF! They might accuse you of having no holiday spirit, until you show them these new Xmas-mode model replacements:

Download the installer here.

This will allow you to select from a list of model replacements:

  • Christmas tree flag
  • Candy cane crowbar
  • Gift-wrapped detpack
  • Snowglobe EMP grenade
  • Ornament conc grenade

The installer should be pointed to your FortressForever folder. All default models are put into backup folders, so you can use the uninstaller to replace them.

Is that all? I might be able to make a few more of these before the holiday hits, so make a request! I'd like to change as many grenades and items as possible.
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