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Developer Journal: squeek.

Posted 1 decade ago Team Lead / Project Manager
Just wanted to write a quick little journal about some bugs found in 2.46 and what we plan to do about them. These are all client-side changes and therefore we are planning to release a client-only hotfix (2.46.1) using our newly implemented auto-updater as soon as we get all the bugs squashed.

  • Bug: If you join a server and toggle the scoreboard before closing the MOTD, the team menu doesn't show up when you close the MOTD.
    Status: Fixed

  • Bug: While in a slowfield, the cloak screen effect gets incorrectly applied. While cloaked, the cloak screen effect is not applied.
    Status: Fixed

  • Bug: While first-person spectating someone that dies while concussed, your view goes absolutely insane in between them dying and them respawning.
    Status: Working on a fix

In addition, the fixed cl_ragdolltime cvar has caused a few new bugs (CL_CopyExistingEntity errors and "cl_ragdolltime 0" spawning floating player models in the center of the map). Unfortunately, the fix for the CL_CopyExistingEntity errors is rather involved and will require some fairly significant changes in how ragdolls are handled. Therefore, we will rollback the cl_ragdolltime "fix" that was put in 2.46 (and temporarily remove the cvar since it will no longer work) and work on a more robust fix for the next patch.

If you are aware of any other bugs in 2.46, let us know.
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