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Developer Journal: squeek.

Posted 9 years ago Team Lead / Project Manager
Uhh... hello?

So, what has happened in the last year? Well, unfortunately, not a whole lot.

When FF was first Greenlit, we thought it would be best (and also thought it was required of us) to upgrade FF to the latest version of the Source engine. We started work on that, but our enthusiasm faded fairly quickly; porting FF requires a lot of work, and our goal was to fix/improve things as we upgraded. You can gain some insight into what we wanted to do by visiting our never-made-public website about the upgrade. Note also that we'll be open sourcing this upgrade attempt, although it is still in the very early stages.

After development stalled on the port, we weren't really sure what to do. There were talks of waiting for the Source 2 engine or potentially moving to a different engine entirely, but that never really ended up going anywhere.

Since then, there's been a whole lot of nothing. I basically became a hermit and hid away from the forums/IRC/Steam/etc. I didn't think it was possible to release on Steam without doing some sort of engine upgrade, and 'ffded' was becoming a legitimate reality. It's very fortunate that Neotokyo has been able to pave the way with regards to releasing a Source SDK 2006 mod on Steam, as this period of inactivity may have just continued indefinitely without that knowledge (big thanks to KubeDawg for pointing out Neotokyo's Steam release).

On another note, I'm not quite certain what my future with Fortress Forever will entail. I've been working on this mod for 6 years now, and my enthusiasm has (clearly) been waning. However, I'm very curious to see what will come of the Steam release, and, who knows, maybe I'll get a second wind. There were a lot of experimental changes that we tried at one point or another in the closed beta that never made it into a release, and with the public beta that Steam distribution will allow us to run, it might be fun to revisit some of those ideas and get some more feedback on them.

That's about it. Just wanted to try to give everyone some info about what went on during this rather strange period of FF's development.
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