5th Anniversary

Posted 1 decade ago by squeek.
Fortress Forever was released 5 years ago to the day. This post is way overdue, but I want to take some time to thank everyone that has helped FF over the years.

  • A gigantic thanks to all the developers that came and left before I joined the team. Seriously, I don't think I can possibly express the gratitude they deserve. The scope of this mod is truly unbelievable and they did an amazing job.
  • Thank you to AfterShock, GreenMushy, Dexter, caesium, Crazycarl, Elmo, and all the rest of the current dev team for sticking with the game through some bleak times
  • Thank you to Bully for providing us with fantastic voiceover work (announcer and training voiceover). Sorry if we didn't show enough appreciation, your contributions have been invaluable.
  • Special thanks to anyone that has stuck with the game since 1.0
  • Thank you to everyone that has helped populate public servers all this time
  • Thank you to anyone that has hosted a FF server
  • Thank you to Scuzzy and the O-T clan. No matter your opinion on them, they have supported the game since before release and have helped FF countless times over the years (running the FF beta server, hosting the website for a time, etc, etc).
  • Thank you to []Zer0 and infy for supporting #ff.pickup and helping it survive all these years (and everyone that has hosted a server for #ff.pickup)
  • Thank you to Dr.Satan and PoC/marxist for running successful seasons of UGC
  • Thank you to everyone that has stuck with #ff.pickup since it started (the_cake, rodox, Hoopajoo, hadeZ, SiSCoS, GreenMushy, exoskeletaL, WATER, VinnyTheBoss, R00Kie [come back!], BananaHammock) and to everyone that has played in pickups over the years
  • Thank you to everyone that played in the Quakenet #ff.pickup channel before the channels merged (sadly, I'm not as familiar with these players)
  • Thank you to anyone that has helped promote FF in any way
  • Thank you to ryu^ for making Fortress Forever - The Movie
  • Thank you to anyone that has made a FF video (off the top of my head: 1337CaLeB, FDA, Lateralols [POTMs], SiSCoS, Hoopajoo, caesium, ryu^, Mase)
  • Thank you to Jiggles and Dr.Evil for helping me out with code edits while I was on the beta team
  • Thank you to NeoNL, R00Kie, and nine` for being the nicest and most helpful people of all time
  • Thank you to the_cake and rodox for being tremendous helps while beta testing and giving valuable feedback
  • Thank you to all current and past beta team members (2.1 beta testing was the most fun I've ever had playing FF; those epic rounds of hunted were amazing)
  • Thank you to anyone that has made a map for FF (of particular note: zE)
  • Thank you to anyone that has made custom models/textures/HUD elements/etc for FF (of particular note: Jester)
  • And finally, thank you to anyone that has done so much as played and enjoyed Fortress Forever in the past 5 years

We've come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. I hope you'll continue to support the mod in any way you can. It means a lot.
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