FF v2.7 Released: The Pyro Overhaul Patch

Posted 11 months ago by Fortress Forever Team
Some highlights of the patch notes:

  • Pyro now has a jetpack and an overhauled damage system
  • Kill assists have been added
  • Fixed a long-standing collision bug with bullets/projectiles

The full changelog is available here

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FF 2.7 Teaser: Pyro Overhaul

Posted 1 year ago by Fortress Forever Team
Pyro overhaul patch coming soon. Here is a teaser showing a little bit of what is possible using his new jetpack.

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Fortress Forever 2.5.0 released!

Posted 2 years ago by Fortress Forever Team
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Preparing For Release

Posted 2 years ago by Fortress Forever Team
Fortress Forever will be released on Steam in 3 days. Here is some info that will help to prepare for that.

The dedicated server files are publicly available

The Fortress Forever dedicated server is now available via steamcmd with anonymous credentials. Server owners that are running a Fortress Forever 2.46 server should migrate to the Steam version before Friday (preferably sooner, to allow for adequate testing).

The Steam Store page and Community Hub have launched

Migrating your settings to the Steam version of the game

For all those with Fortress Forever 2.46 installed, here's a guide to migrating your settings over to the Steam version:

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Yet Another Long Overdue Update

Posted 2 years ago by Fortress Forever Team
As weeks turn into months, we are finally ready to make some more announcements.

Fortress Forever will be released on Steam March 27th

One week from today, Fortress Forever will be available to download (for free) on Steam.

Fortress Forever is now open source on Github

The code, scripts, and maps of Fortress Forever are publicly available and open to contributions. Check out the Contributing to Fortress Forever page to see how you can help.

Additional resources:

Fortress Forever has a new website has been redesigned and updated to be more relevant to the current state of the game.

Mapping Contest: ff_volleyball makeover

ff_volleyball is a fun little map that needs an aesthetic upgrade before it can be included with the game. Check out this thread for all the details.
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