Fortress Forever Featured As PHL's Mod Of The Week

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
Much to our delight, the fine folks over at Planet Half-Life have chosen Fortress Forever as their "Mod of the Week" (MOTW).

The Fortress Forever dev team members have been working very hard behind the scenes. To view evidence of our hard work, I strongly encourage you to check out PHL's Fortress Forever "Mod of the Week" spread, which highlights six new and exclusive media items like these:

The FF dev team would also like to thank PHL's D3pth Charge for being patient with us. Cheers!

Update 12/20: We've added the six new items to our media section. If you haven't yet, check 'em out! Thanks again for featuring FF, PHL.
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Weapon Models Dessert Menu

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress For3347ever Team
Before we serve dessert, please welcome Blunkka to the FF art team. He and MrBeefy are both working hard to make sure the FF map designers have all the textures they need.

FriedBunny, while chomping away on his carrots, has created a splendid new forum skin for the Fortress Forever forums. Hope you like it!

And now for something completely different: two modelers each with twelve arms! (I bet those will come in handy...)

Our modelers have taken it upon themselves to enroll in several cooking classes. They've required remarkably few attempts, but Bile and Fooley_Cooley together have baked up a batch of delectable treats. We've found Fooley_Cooley's "RPG Tiramisu" to be pleasantly surprising, but hardly delicate (even though unskinned!).

It's our recommendation that Bile's "Nailgun Tart" be served with coffee. Also, the soon-to-be-metallic crust is simply to-die-for.

Lastly, Bile's "SuperNailgun Jubilee" has been receiving great reviews. Firing out savory scraps at an astonishing rate, the SuperNailgun Jubilee is a dish for the whole family to enjoy.

Check out our media section for a larger menu of Fortress Forever snacks.
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Sniper Shows His Face

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
News writer's block? Never. Rather, we'd like to think that our first character skin speaks for itself. Thanks to the hard work of the developers (namely Spewok -- with the rest of us tagging along spouting obnoxious and officious criticism) we have some tasty morsels to toss at the ravenous pack:

As always, poke around in the media section for another treat or two, though we're featuring only the sniper skin this week so you'd do best to focus your attention there.

In other news, we've picked up MrBeefy, map texture arteest extrodinare, and soulescape, an additional sound designer. We welcome both slaves graciously and look forward to the fruits of their labors!
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Soldier, GL/PL, Hunted, Live Interview Abound

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
Firstly, the boys over at GameSurge Radio (#gamesurgeradio, guess which network) will be interviewing our own Kelly 'Dospac' Dickinson this coming Wednesday (October 5th) at 7PM PST (10PM EST, 2AM GMT). Head on over to their IRC channel and quite possibly ask some questions of Kellypac while he's on the air!

Update: The interview went well, thanks for all the support guys! For those of you who might've missed it, you can download it here:,, or

That Rebo fella's been doin' him some good work, we reckon. Goin' off'a the slew of concepts that dr_nick came up with usin' some of 'dat 'dar "cre-ate-tiv-ah-tea" stuff, Rebo molded some polygons and watched some Die Hard:

Despite what decs might write in his dev. journals, he's a hard workin' lil' viking, as evidenced by his skins of Fooley_Cooley's GL/PL and Innes' hands:

... and because the trepids are damn fine guys, they obliged with a few Hunted 'shots, two of a previously unseen alley-way and one of the updated (but still unfinished) front yard:

As always, there's mucho más in the media section, including the evolution of dr_nick's soldier concept, a pretty nifty piece.
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Detpack Pushes Spanner into Celebrity Egotistic Hyperbole

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
Things have been movin' along smoothly with nary the time for us to acknowledge our adoring public -- and yet here we are with a fresh installment of paparazzi intrusions into our inner sanctum.

Defrag, a consummate professional (and lovable anal retentive crackhead), had some trouble parting with these images of his version of Push, but thanks to someone breaking into his mansion and pulling a "Pam and Tommy Lee sex tape"-esque robbery we finally got him to show some skin:

As is often the case with fickle stars covetous of the limelight, decs leaked word of his lascivious encounter with sev to E! (who promptly did a tasteful 2 hour special):

Sooner renounce his Scientologist faith than be outdone, Fooley_Cooley struck with his so-called "nuke-u-lar option" and eschewed even skin:

As always, folks, there's a whole cornucopia of clandestine tabloid shots in our bustling media section -- including the two previously exclusive scout poses from the HL Fallout interview. Also, look for dev. journal activity in the coming days as Schtoofa returns from his east-coast jaunt.
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