Official release date: September 17th

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
It's finally here, on September 17th Fortress Forever will be officially released. A server package will be made available one day prior. Prepare to get your frag on!

Edit: Just an addendum; i'm sure you've heard that TF2 has now announced they will release on the same date, so we are looking at getting this in your hands sooner than September 17th to ensure everyone will get some time to play before the beheamoth comes.

We have a few bits of random media to go with the announcement, but admittedly all of our energies these past few weeks have been on getting our areas locked down and stable so we could make a solid announcement.

While this was happening Planethalflife recently wrote an exclusive preview on the mod, you can check it out here. Keep a lookout for an interview with them over the next few days.

Now for some random media; these clips were from last weeks playtest; don't worry, we've since changed the vox set to not be a robot from the future :p.

One of our testers playing hwguy and demo on the map crossover.
High res

Me showing some basic pipe jumps amidst chaotic fighting on the map cornfield. Action took place on our overseas server.

Short clip on the spy cloak

Now we can sleep easy tonight....for a whole 4 hours!
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