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As you travel around Fortress Forever maps you may occasionally come across a buildable structure. There are three types of building; the dispenser is a passive structure that supplies ammo and armour to friendly players, The sentry gun, an aggressive structure armed with weapons that will attack enemy units, and the jump pad or man cannon, a passive structure that servers as a "ramp" for any class that touches it. These are described in more detail in the sections below. This manual page describes who builds them and their uses.

Deploying buildings on the battlefield

Engineer's context menu menu being used to build.

Deploying buildings is a unique ability belonging to the Engineer.

Each engineer can deploy one of each structure on the battlefield at a time. They can build new ones at any time (providing they have enough cells) if the existing building is destroyed, dismantled or remotely detonated.

When playing as engineer, the building options are reached using the engineer's context menu (default: right mouse button). Before you have any buildings on the battlefield, only Build Sentry and Build Dispenser are available, and the rest are grayed out. You need to have enough cells (from picking up armour and ammo bags) in order to build either building, and so therefore even these options may be grayed out.

Selecting one of these will put you in build mode; a ghost image of the building will appear in front of you to show where the building would be deployed. If the position is invalid then an error symbol will show instead. You can move around until you find the perfect position. Press the fire button (default: left mouse button) once to start building.

Maintain a buildable by hitting it with your Wrench.

Maintaining buildings on the battlefield

Buildings have health levels and will be destroyed if they take too much damage. As engineer you can repair both your own and other people's buildings by hitting them with your spanner. This will top up their health back to maximum.

Hitting buildings with your spanner has an additional secondary effect on each type of building. The secondary effects are:

  • adding your ammo to the dispenser.
  • restocking sentry ammo and upgrading to a more powerful level.

These are both described in more detail in the sections below.

The context menu also provides options for dismantling and detonating either of your buildings. Dismantling has to be done while up close to your building, and will recoup half of the cell cost. Buildings can be detonated at any range; the resulting explosion can be very powerful if the dispenser or sentry gun had enough ammo in it.

Building sabotage

Spy's context menu menu being used to sabotage.

Enemy spies have the ability to sabotage the other team's buildings. This is done by sneaking up to the building and standing nearby with your crosshair on it. A timer will display to show how long the sabotage is taking.

Once the sabotage bar completes, the building is now in a state of sabotage. You will be unable to detonate or dismantle your buildables while they are in this state. The spy can now remotely activate the sabotage via their context menu (default: right mouse button). This will detonate any of their sabotaged dispensers and set any sabotaged sentry guns to fire against their own team.


The dispenser

Dispensers hold ammo and give both ammo and armour to friendly players who come near. Dispensers are built with a basic amount of suppies and gradually self-charge with ammo. Engineers can also add ammo into the dispenser by hitting it with the spanner or having allies throw ammo backpacks at it, which it then eats.

Dispensers will send an alert message to their owner if an enemy player gets too close, even if they are a disguised spy. This can make dispensers helpful for early-warning or detection systems.

  • Build cost: 100 cells
  • Health: 150
  • Build time: 2 seconds
  • Sabotage effect: Detonates

Maximum storage: 400 shells, 600 nails, 400 cells, 300 rockets, 500 armour.

Sentry Gun

Sentry guns will fire automatically at enemy players who come within range. Sentry guns can be upgraded to three different levels. To upgrade, hit the sentry gun with the spanner when you have at least 130 cells. The upgrade process is instantaneous.

Sentries will begin making sonar noises when a Spy is nearby.

The difference between the levels is as follows:

  • Level One
    • Health: 165
    • Dismantle Value: 65 cells
    • Weapon Details: One small gun
  • Level Two
    • Health: 180
    • Dismantle Value: 130 cells
    • Weapon Details: One minigun
  • Level Three
    • Health: 210
    • Dismantle Value: 195 cells
    • Weapon Details: Two miniguns, two barrel mounted rocket propelled grenade launchers

Other sentry gun information:

  • Initial Build time: 3 seconds
  • Sabotage effect: Fires on own team
  • Sentry Gun Bullet Push: 15
  • Sparks When Low on Health: When below 50% health, a player's sentry gun will spark.

Jump Pad

The Jump Pad

The Jump Pad (or Man Cannon) can be built by the Scout by using the special ability button (Mouse2 by default). Once deployed, any player on the Scout's team can be launched forward by jumping while standing over the jump pad. A scout may only have one jump pad built at one time; to place another, the scout must destroy the one he has built. Enemies can damage and destroy the jump pad, however it will heal itself if left alone for a period of time.

  • Build time: 5 seconds
  • Health: 150
  • Lifetime: Permanent. However as a Scout you may detonate it at any time. It can be destroyed by enemies.

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