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Install packages for players

These install packages will install just Fortress Forever on your computer. There are currently two different Fortress Forever downloads which depend on your situation. You only need to pick one of the options below. If you already have Fortress Forever and you are unsure which of the updates you need then your best bet is to download the Full installer.

2.46 Full Installer (Main Installation Files)

Download the FULL Installer here:

2.46 Patch - (I have the previous version (2.45), now I need the patch)

You just need to install the 2.45 to 2.46 update from one of the following locations:

Files for server operators

These are only required if you run a Fortress Forever server. To play Fortress Forever, you should have downloaded one of the files above, okay!

2.45 to 2.46 Server Patch

Fortress Forever 2.46 FULL [SERVER]

Installation and Setup
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