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This is a list of things that need doing on the FF wiki.

Things That Always Need Doing

These tasks are always on the radar of Wiki To-Doers.

  • 0 star articles - This is the category of all zero-star articles: pages that have little or no content. If you need something to do, chances are you'll find something here!
  • 1 star articles - This is the category of all one-star articles: pages with very basic, non-detailed content. This is another good place to find things to do.
  • Article Reviewing: See Category:Rated Articles for all articles with ratings. Every page on the wiki should have a rating. Making sure ratings line up with the content on the page according to the Article Rating Guidelines.

2.42/2.43 Specific

Tasks to make sure that the wiki is in line with all 2.42/2.43 changes.

  • Verify the damage and time values for the laser grenade, slowfield, and all other changed weapons. <--including sentry
  • Pictures for Warpath map page.
  • Probably a mention about soft clipping somewhere.

Pages that need attention

These pages are in need of rework, more information, or reorganization.

  • Main Menu - could be fleshed out some more.
  • Game Goals - could be fleshed out some more.
  • Map:ff_warpath - Map page for new 2.42 map ff_warpath. Needs some screenshots and a strategy section.

Pages that need to be created

Mostly incomplete links from the Main Page Contents.

  • Setup - A tutorial page for installing and setting up the game. Changing names, using cfg files, links to Player Controls (see below).
  • Player Controls - A guide to setting up mouse and keyboard binds, a description of the console and it's purpose.

Add some new ones?

  • Quick Start guide - Quick links an easy instructions for the quickest way to get playing.
  • Community resources? - Pages of clans, leagues, stuff like that. A link to the forum or some web-sites if nothing else maybe.
    • There are clan pages, but no community link. Many of the clans listed have died, since league play as a whole in FF is dead.


  • Map Guides needs thumbnail images for schtop, impact, warpath, and destroy. Many map pages need detail pics for all loctions. All map pages in Category:0-Star_Articles are in need of screenshots.