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Generally you're going to want to shoot people in different colour uniforms to you, but in between that you could try and accomplish one of the map goals:

  • Capture the Flag - Steal the enemy's flag and take it back to your base.
  • Attack and Defend - Either advance into the map taking the enemy's control points or if the tables have been turned, stop the enemy from doing the same to you.
  • Territory Control - Try to capture and hold the the control points scattered throughout the map. The longer you hold them for, the more points your team gets. They might be captured simply by walking on them or by taking a flag to them, depending on the map.
  • Hunted/Assassinaton - A Civilian must reach a point in a map, you need to either protect them or assassinate them. Or perhaps you are the civilian, in which case you need to try and stay alive!
  • Deathmatch - Kill everyone for fun and profit.

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