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Sniper pic.jpg
Health Medium 90
Armour Low 50 (30%)
Speed Medium 300u/s
Power Medium
Role Defense

The Sniper is the master of long range combat in Fortress Forever. Packing a sniper rifle, assault rifle, and nailgun, the Sniper is often the first line of defense for a team. By communicating enemy attack routes to teammates, tagging incoming enemies, and disabling the enemy with crippling leg shots, a skilled Sniper can be a valuable asset to the team. On some maps, he can also serve as offensive support by taking out enemy defenders and sentry guns from long range. The farther away a Sniper's enemies are, the better. Consequently, his options at short range are limited. If you like to destroy the enemy before they even have a chance to hurt you, serve as the first line of defense, and support your team at long range, the Sniper is for you.

Basic Strategy

  • Choose a position above an open area that enemies must move through.
  • Right-click to zoom your Sniper Rifle. Hold down the left mouse button to charge it up for extra damage!

Special Abilities

  • Radio Tag
    The Sniper's rifle fires custom-manufactured bullets that have short-range radio transmitters in them. He tags enemies that he hits but doesn't kill. This allows the Sniper and his team to see that enemy through walls out to a limited distance for a short period of time.




The standard-issue crowbar for every class. It does some damage, but not enough to make a difference in a battle against a full-health opponent. It's a good humiliation tool for someone who is about to die, however.

Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle

The sniper's bread and butter. Charge it up by holding down the fire button, the release when you see a target. Zoom in by right clicking. The sniper rifle is also the only ranged weapon in the game to have locational damage. Head shots deal far more damage than regular body shots, and leg shots can cripple your target's movement speed.

Auto Rifle

Auto Rifle

Excellent weapon for personal defense. Use this if you find yourself in a close-quarters situation. The auto rifle gets less accurate at range, and it shares a clip with your sniper rifle, so save it for the times when enemies are bearing down on top of you.



Use this if you run of of shells for your sniper rifle and auto rifle.


Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade

The basic grenade: A lot of damage, large blast radius. The frag grenade is useful for taking out sentry guns, insta-killing scouts or other weak opponents, and general destruction.

Additional Strategy and Tips

See Class:Sniper/Strategy for more information.

Playing as Sniper

  • Hide in a dark area, a long distance away from your target. A well concealed Sniper can do a lot of damage to the opposing team. If a Sniper's position is discovered, the distance between him and the enemy will determine whether or not he can get out of danger.
  • The best sniping spots are generally regarded to be those with a height advantage; some spots leave you only vulnerable to enemy Snipers. Snipers can also operate at ground level if they find good cover.
  • As a Sniper, you are pretty weak at short range. Save your Frag Grenades for close encounters, and have an escape route ready if you are attacked from behind.
  • When you are zoomed in with your Sniper Rifle, your peripheral vision is severely reduced. As such, it is easy for other classes to sneak up next to you and deal a lot of damage. A Spy's backstab can catch a Sniper very easily; try to keep your back to the wall to prevent this. It is prudent to keep your laser charged, but the rifle unscoped, and only scope when you see a potential target.

Playing Against a Sniper

  • Getting in close to attack a Sniper is often difficult, especially when he's targeting you. The best class to kill a Sniper with is another Sniper. Switching to Sniper solely to counter an enemy Sniper may deprive your team of a useful attacker, however, and can lead to "Sniper wars", where Snipers dedicate all their time to taking pot-shots at one another.
  • The best class aside from Sniper to act as a counter is Medic. He is fast, and so more difficult to hit and able to close distance more quickly. His Super Shotgun can tear through the Sniper's weak armor, his Concussion Grenades are very effective against a class that relies on exact aim, and his Infection can prove very annoying. However against a skilled Sniper a Medic may struggle to get close, and often a Medic's time can be better spent working towards capturing the flag.
  • A Spy will find it fairly easy to get in close to a Sniper.
  • As a Soldier, firing a couple of rockets at a Sniper's position may spook him into taking cover for a few seconds.
  • Snipers are often surprisingly effective at defending themselves at close range, as their Sniper Rifle does as much damage as it does at a distance, and they do not have tunnel vision while charging. Their Auto Rifle can deal out a respectable amount of damage, and their Frag Grenades are as deadly as those of any class.
  • As on many maps the Sniper deck is close to the spawn room, killing a Sniper won't be of much use, as he will be back in a matter of seconds. Distracting him might be a better idea.
  • Regardless of what class you are playing, if you spot a Sniper, make sure to immediately alert your team to their location. If the Sniper manages to take you out, at least the next guy coming along knows where he is and can take a crack at it.

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