Stayin' Alive

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
Yes, animation fixes are one thing that has held back some media and videos, but we figured we would show some of the fun things possible in Fortress Forever as our coders close out the remaining features. Psycnet, one of our beta testers, has been putting together a video recently that shows off the free form movement possible in the game. It's cool to see how quick some of our testers have picked up these moves when 'tribal knowledge', special rate settings and scripts are taken out of the equation, and they seem to be having a blast doing it :) The video primarily shows off weapon, conc and double jumping in the game, sometimes all in the same sequence. Knowing our beta testers, some of it is completely random as well. I hope you enjoy; without further ado:
HD version:

Mirror #2
Mirror #3


640 version:
Mirror #1
Mirror #2
Mirror #3
Mirror #4

320/Ipod Video:
Mirror #1

On the mapping front Defrag has completely re-done the visuals on shutdown 2, where he has really hashed out a fantastic theme. Unfortunately these didn't make it in time for the video, but he provided us some quick shots for the update.

Some more shutdown2 shots can be found on the media page. We've also gotten significant updates to Cornfield, and Aftershock continues to be a programming machine. Currently he is adding a lot of functionality to the HUD that both old and new players will appreciate. Rest assured a lot of action is happening behind the scenes, and we're feeling good for the stretch run.
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Beta snapshots now on media page!

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
Bless the stars, 'cuz our snapshots are beta than ever!

It's monday, MONDAY, Monday and due to popular demand we've added a new "Beta Snapshots" section to our media page. Here are a few examples of what the FF beta testers have seen:

Expect to see more soon. The scenes aren't polished and they're definitely works in progress, but who cares? That's inebetably what betas are for.

Stay tuned and ta ta for now!
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Site Problems Resolved... Sort Of - Sorry For The Inconvenience

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
First off, I want to apologize to all you folks who frequently visit the Fortress Forever site. You're the FF blood and guts right now, and you mean a lot to FF's future success. Unfortunately as some of you had noticed, the main site and forums had been down for the last week or so (end of Feb - early Mar).

Some might appreciate an explanation, so here goes: our host machine experienced a data corruption problem that initially destroyed most of the site and the behind-the-scenes database. Thankfully, almost all of the site content and database have been recovered; however, the key words here are "almost all."

So how might you have been affected? Well, we're sad to inform you that our entire forum user profile collection (5,000+ records) has been lost. Although we seem to have recovered all of the threads and posts (and who posted the posts), we've lost all e-mail addresses and profiles that correspond to the user names. In order to let users grab their old names again, we've changed all the "recovered" user names to begin with the prefix "o_" (for old user name). That way you can see who made the post, but you won't be prevented from registering under your original forum name. The hidden and sad bottom line here is that yes, you'll have to re-register on the FF forums.

We are pretty disappointed by this whole bit and we're sorry for the inconvenience it's caused some of you. It's hit us hard, too, and we've taken steps to make sure that this doesn't happen again (moving host machines, better and more redundant back-up system, etc.).

Thanks for your patience, and we hope you'll enjoy fragging away on FF soon! The host migration process might have still a few more bumps on the way, so please bear with us as we finish crossing our Is and dotting our Ts. Some folks have put in a lot of hard work to make this transition as smooth as possible, so a huge thanks goes out to them.
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Progress? What's Progress?

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
Sorry we didn't release Fortress Forever in 2006... but we won't let you down in 2007!

What can I say? Lately we've been busy with things that aren't Fortress Forever. We're still working on it and I'm optimistic that we'll get back into the swing of things now that the holidays are over. Between now and the mysterious FF release date, we'll try to give you more updates to show folks what FF is all about.

For starters, here are some screen shots that Mervaka (one of the FF beta testers) snapped for us. His spam-happy fingers took nearly 400 snapshots in less than half an hour, but he was kind enough to sift through and collect some of his best for you all to see:

(many additional in-game snapshots appear on our media page)

Recently BritishTang, our Sound Guy Extraordinaire, buckled under pressure and released an in game audio clip he recorded. If you're interested, check it out by clicking on one of the Sound Mirrors below:

Sound Mirror 1 | Sound Mirror 2 | Sound Mirror 3

Jiggles has been a Fortress Forever beta tester for a while now, and he just recently joined the dev. team to put his coding skills to work. Thank him dearly, for he took the initiative to put together a "rough" Fortress Forever game play footage video. It's not polished (compared to MrBeefy's FF Dustbowl Valley video), but it does the job! Check it out:

Video download links: Youtube | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3 | Mirror 4 (

Hope you enjoy what you see so far!
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Welcome to Dustbowl Valley

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
I wish you all a warm, six-shootin', wild-west welcome to Dustbowl Valley. Grab yourself a drink, saddle up and get ready for an "Attack / Defend" ride that'll spin your spurs like you've never seen.

For some action-packed, bullet-hot screenshots of Zouave's rendition of "Dustbowl," check our media pa... Ah, screw it!

Do me a favor and just watch the video instead.

Super Hi Res 1024x768
- xvid 175MB (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2) (Mirror 3) (Mirror 4) (Mirror 5) (Mirror 6)

Hi Res 648x480
- WMV 46MB (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2) (Mirror 3) (Mirror 4)

Mid Res 400x300
- Quicktime 27MB (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2) (Mirror 3) (Mirror 4) (Mirror 5)
- Mpeg 24MB (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2) (Mirror 3) (Mirror 4) (Mirror 5)
- SWF 16MB (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2) (Mirror 3) (Mirror 4)

Lo Res 320x240
- Quicktime 13MB (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2) (Mirror 3) (Mirror 4)
- Mpeg 13MB (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2) (Mirror 3) (Mirror 4)

Video iPod format 13MB (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2) (Mirror 3) (Mirror 4) (Mirror 5)

Thanks to Paul "MrBeefy" Painter, Leonard "Stranger" Burton, and the rest of the FF dev team for making it happen.
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