Fortress Forever is a Source mod inspired by the earlier versions of the Team Fortress series (Team Fortress Classic and QuakeWorld Team Fortress). Our all-volunteer team has created this mod entirely from scratch and continued to develop it for over 5 years now. It was originally released in September of 2007.

Fortress Forever involves two or more teams, each with 9 available classes, competing in a variety of map-determined objectives (capture the flag, territorial control, invade and defend, etc). Each class has its own unique abilities and strengths that offer extremely varied playstyles. The gameplay ranges from fast-paced, competitive, and deep to absurd and chaotic.

  • Totally free
  • Fast paced, team- and class-based gameplay
  • Faithful to the spirit of Team Fortress Classic (TFC) and QuakeWorld Team Fortress (QWTF), meaning Fortress Forever includes offhand grenades, bunnyhopping, etc
  • 10 Classes (9 + Civilian)
  • Training level and in-game hints
  • Extensive map scripting/customization using Lua

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#FortressForever on irc.quakenet.org
Fortress Forever Forums

Development Team

  • Jon "trepid_jon" Day (Team Lead / Project Manager)
  • Mike "AfterShock" Parker (Lead Programmer)
  • Ryan "squeek." Liptak (Team Lead / Project Manager)
  • Adam "Elmo" Willden (Level Optimization / Clean Up)
  • Dexter "Dexter" Haslem (Programmer)
  • David "caesium" Wrobel (Map Design)
  • Alex "DrSatan" Laswell (Programmer)
  • Andrew "hlstriker" (Programmer)
  • David "Ricey" Friedrich (Site Design)
  • Dave "Valued Rug" Doran-Marshall (Map Design)
  • Mike "Nugzilla" Penrod (Animator / Modeler)
  • Steve "Bully" Tudberry (Lead Sound Design)
  • Sean "R00Kie" Tucker (Lua Scripter)

Past Members

  • 2d-chris (Map Design)
  • Harmon "4est" Larimore (Site Maintenance / Upgrades)
  • 5316 (Texture Artist)
  • Bile (Modeler)
  • Niall "billdoor" FitzGibbon (Programmer)
  • Sebastian "BlackHoleSon" Harris (Texture Artist)
  • BlisTer (Map Design)
  • Tommy "Blunkka" Blomqvist (Map Texture Artist)
  • Michael "BritishTang" Jones (Lead Sound Design)
  • Dave "Chemical Burn" Vanderburg (Map Design)
  • Cheney (Map Texture Artist)
  • Kyle "Circuitous" McCorkle (Site Maintenance / Upgrades)
  • Damian "Clem" Harouff (Programmer)
  • Crackerjack (Map Design)
  • Craig "craigweb" Perks (Map Texture Artist)
  • Carl "Crazycarl" Foust (Level Optimization / Clean Up)
  • Zach "DarkKnightBG" Baharov (Animator)
  • Sindre "decs" Grønvoll (Lead Texture Artist)
  • Mark "Defrag" Simpson (Lead Map Design)
  • Kelly "Dospac" Dickinson (Gameplay Design)
  • DrEvil (Programmer)
  • Jeremy "dr_nick" Todd (Concept Artist)
  • Chris "eat" Newman (Map Design)
  • Fooley Cooley (Modeler)
  • Jason "FriedBunny" Wray (Site Design)
  • Kevin "FryGuy" Hjelden (Programmer)
  • Robert "GambiT" Hebert (Map Design)
  • geekfeststarter (Programmer)
  • Evan "Ghroth" Braa-Heidner (Lead Sound Design)
  • John "Ginger Lord" Crewe (Map Design)
  • GoaT_RopeR (Programmer)
  • Greg "GreenMushy" Stefanakis (Map Prototyper)
  • Ihmhi (PR Lead)
  • JD "Implode" Weiland (PR Lead)
  • Andrew "Innes" Innes (Animator / Modeler)
  • Jester (Animator / Modeler)
  • Jiggles (Programmer)
  • Kermit (Map Design)
  • Richard "KoKo5oVaR" Malinar (Prop Artist)
  • Shawn "L0ki" Smith (Programmer)
  • Keith "Majesty" G (Programmer)
  • Dave "mervaka" Cook (Lead Sound Design)
  • Gavin "Mirvin_Monkey" Bramhill (Vacationing Programmer)
  • Paul "MrBeefy" Painter (Texture Artist)
  • Mulchman (Programmer)
  • Gary "Nezumi" Simmons (Map Design)
  • Olah (Programmer)
  • Nick "omega" Best (Map Design)
  • Kenneth "omen" Jacobsen (Prop Artist)
  • Jens "pF" Brandenburg (Animator / Modeler)
  • Fredrik "Phero" Svensson (Programmer)
  • Kyle "PHISH" Erickson (Team Lead / Project Manager)
  • David "Pon" Paterson (Lua Scripter)
  • rebo (Lead Modeler)
  • Brandon "redux" Jones (Map Design)
  • Revz (Gameplay Design)
  • ryu^ (Animator / Modeler)
  • Schtoofa (Team Lead / Project Manager)
  • Scuzzy (Site Maintenance / Upgrades)
  • senor-cojones (Animator / Modeler)
  • Severin "sev" Odic (Lead Modeler)
  • Yann "Sh4x" Richer (Map Design)
  • shadow (Map Design)
  • Shadow00Caster (PR Lead)
  • Skanky Butterpuss (Lead Sound Design)
  • Brandon "Spewok" Blackwell (Character Texture Artist)
  • Leonard "Stranger" Burton (Musician / Composer)
  • ted_maul (Programmer)
  • Jesse "trepid_jesse" Davis (Map Design)
  • Voogru (Programmer)
  • Vorn (Programmer)
  • Dave "z0rt" (Programmer)
  • Rob "Zazi" Kermes (Map Design)
  • Zouave (Map Design)
  • Carl "[AE] 82694" Stanton (Site Maintenance / Upgrades)