Sniper Riflings and The Shotgun Skinny

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
Sev and decs have been doing their due diligence, delivering dos (2!) delightfully decadent models that defy detailed description.

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The FF Team Speaks Again: An Interview by

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
The Fortress Forever team answers some interesting questions as part of a comprehensive interview conducted by staff.

Q: Will the spy disguise and feign system work like it does in TFC?

A: We're aiming to streamline and balance the disguise system to an extent. As for the feigning, technical considerations may force us to develop an alternative to feigning (though nothing has been decided yet). This is chiefly due to the ragdoll system...

See the rest of this answer, and more, in the complete interview transcript.
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Super Shotgun Render and Medic Concept Wallpapers

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
Super Shotgun Render

Behold! The Fortress Forever team, particularly sev, is pleased to release a render of our super shotgun. Don't settle for the thumbnail; be sure to click on the media page link for a surprise. Also, you may find a similar surprise on other model media pages. Make sure you have your volume turned up (thanks Ghroth).

Medic Concept Wallpapers

Courtesy of dr_nick and rebo, below are two medic character (and a hint of demoman!) concept art images. This time we added some spice -- desktop wallpaper, anyone?

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Map News and New Talent

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
Initial Map List

We're excited to announce our initial maplist, which required a lot of thought in order to cover various favorites and familiar gameplay styles. As much as we would like to include all the favorites, it wouldn't be very practical for newcomers to learn dozens of maps! Furthermore, this leaves some hobby work to be done by the various anxious and talented mappers in the community. Once the following maps are complete, we'll work on creating more original maps so that everyone can experience the excitement of learning maps (and not just a game) for the first time.

Capture-The-Flag (CTF)
2fort - The quintessential CTF TF map.
Bases - A popular CTF map dating back to the original QWTF. Fans of Bases_r2 and the original will be pleased.
Crossover2 - The classic redone, with the center choke issue addressed.
Monkey - One of The Cheese's TFC hits. Unique flag room design and a large yard.
Openfire - Port of the fast-paced ultra-popular TFC essential.
Rock2 - A classic, but with tweaks for more smooth gameplay.
Schtop - An updated version of eat's CTF TFC map.
Shutdown2 - Beautiful remake of The Cheese's classic CTF ramp fest in an amazing new setting.
Torch - Port of a great reverse CTF map originally by Drakir. Take your flag and dare to drop it in the flaming well.
Uno - An original CTF map, complete with lasers and beautiful brushwork.
Well - Another old CTF standby.

Attack/Defend (A/D)
Cornfield - Update of an A/D map featuring, of all things, a cornfield.
Dustbowl - TFC's sandy A/D spamfest, revised.

cz2 - Introduced with TFC, this territorial control map is re-introduced in Fortress Forever.
Hunted - Our take on TFC's assassination/protection map.
Murderball - A remake of a crazy 4-team map by TheDreadedPyro. Help your team hold the ball the longest, and don't get murdered!
Mulch_dm - Obligatory DM arena map where your goal is to fight to the death. "Kill, Kill, and Kill more."
Push - Meet in the center, grab the ball, and bring it to the goal to score a point for your team.

Uno Screenshots

eat has been putting a lot of effort into an original CTF map called uno. Here are some preview screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

New Talent

Last, but certainly not least, a hearty welcome goes out to dr_nick (the newest member of the Fortress Forever team). He'll be filling the position of concept artist. We're excited to have him on the team, as he's very talented.
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Concussion Grenade Skinned Render

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
Now the grenade was no longer a thing seen but not to be touched, Sev too became excited. decs babbled:

"—a conc; ever so expensive. I bet if you wanted to buy one, you'd have to pay pounds and pounds and pounds—he had it on his garden wall, and my auntie—"

Sev took the grenade from decs and a little shiver ran down his arm. In color the shell was metallic grey, touched here and there with fading gold. Between the halves, worn away into the middle, emanated an eerie but exciting glow. Sev shook the conc and it made a sound...
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