Avast! Ye Latest Interview Courtesy of Half-Life Fallout

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
After AzleGamer (from Half-Life Fallout) accused us of being nothing but a lot of drivelswiggers, we had no choice but to acquiesce to his interview & exclusive media request. So we shared a hogshead and enjoyed wenches, meanwhile Kelly (Dospac) entertained such questions as:

AzleGamer: Will Fortress [Forever] cater to new players that have never played the Half-Life 1 modification, or will it be aimed at the hardcore Team Fortress Classic players?

Dospac: In recreating TF for the Source engine, our team's veteran status in the TFC clanning scene assures that we will leave the clan game intact from TFC and hopefully improve upon it. However, a great percentage of our mindshare in developing the gameplay and features of Fortress Forever has been aimed at attracting and keeping new players...

Visit this page for the start of the interview & to view the new media, or here for the rest of the interview text.

Thanks again, AzleGamer & Half-Life Fallout!
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Oodles and Oodles

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
After a decently long hiatus, the FF team is proud to once again make inane and insipid comments in news posts.

Please give a hearty welcome to the new members of our ever growing dev. team: Fooley_Cooley, a weapon modeler whose good taste in anime is readily apparent; Innes, who can both animate and model... another limey; DarkKnightBG, also an animator... REALLY; craigweb, map texture arteest extraordinaire; and finally, Bile, a prop modeler for our maps (whose Hummer you can see in 'ze newly released screenies).

In terms of actual media we have to release... there is none, go away. If you're still here (leave now), we'd like to apologize by way of Kermit's Rock2 lovin' (no, really):

Down in the up-and-comin' modelin' scene they been bustin' moves and layin' down phat rhymes while fighting off the trepid's moms with sticks, if you know what we mean... and we think you do. You'd also probably think they would have no time, what with that busy schedule and all, but here be Rebo's sniper, Bile's Hummer, and Fooley_Cooley's grenade/pipe launcher (plus a couple dozen more in the media hizzy) to disprove any contrary speculation about their prodigious work ethic:

... and after all that, Rebo still wasn't done feeding the fire of his loins and ended up producing yet another gigantic wallpaper for potential desktop enjoyment:

As always (and as we've already mentioned), there's more where those there came from in yonder media section, which, incidentally, saw a little sprucing up of its own. Feel free to bombard the comments thread with ways it doesn't work, but keep in mind that all forms must be filled out in triplicate using black or blue ink, staying inside all lines and being nice to the lady behind the desk.
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Quick Tidbit! FF Dev. Team Interviewed by Amped DX...

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
Thanks goes out to Patrick, Site Director of Amped DX, for tossing an interview our way. Our own faithful beer wench, Dospac aka Kelly, took the time to field the questions.

Patrick Sotiriou: Using the Source Engine will obviously open the door to many more things to enhance Fortress Forever. To how much of an extent will you take advantage of this? Or, are you going to keep it as simple and close as possible to TFC?

Kelly Dickinson: FF will include new and reworked game features on top of the basic TFC game attributes. We're utilizing the Source engine's physics and flexibility to...

Visit them for HL2 gaming news, or read the complete Fortress Forever interview text here.

Thanks again, Patrick!
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This Just In: Scout Caught Between Bases

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
Sound Updates

Behind the scenes, Ghroth has been tweaking the sounds... so on the media page you might find an update or two. The napalm grenade page now has a sound for you to enjoy, too!

You Know The Demoman; Now Meet The Scout

Both rebo and dr_nick are still working hard on class characters. As proof, served with a light bearnaise sauce, I offer you the Scout model and colored concept. The Scout character is energetic, nimble, and not afraid to die.

Storm The Enemy Flagroom And Steal Their Flag

As you may have read in the developer's journals, Defrag has put aside his lambada lessons to work on the Fortress Forever version of a well known map called Bases. Be sure to to storm the enemy flagroom and steal their flag, or alternatively detonate the PC for some consolation points. To all the interested ladies out there: never forget that Defrag can make levels and dance--an invaluable combination.

Head on over to the media page for more new images.
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Fortress Forever Hodgepodge

Posted 1 decade ago by Fortress Forever Team
New Talent - cheney

Our search for a Map Texture Artist has been at least partially fulfulled. Please give a hearty welcome to cheney, the newest addition to the FF team. He's quite talented and is a nice guy in general! And the FF mappers rejoiced.

Developer Journals

Just a friendly reminder to check the Developer Journals if you're interested to see what we're working on and completing. The jolly FF dev team members are more consistently providing this sort of information, so visit frequently to get some satisfaction between media releases.

With All This Rain...

With all this rain we've been getting, our canals are nearly overflowing. The trepids tell me there's still some room for the water to rise, but if you don't trust them (and I know I sure don't) take a look for yourself:

Map: cz2

Demo what?

dr_nick and rebo have an interesting relationship, but their efforts produce fruitful results. They need one another, as shown in the following dialog:

dr_nick: rebo, this reminds me of the time you tried to drill a hole through your head. Remember that?
rebo: That would have worked if you hadn't stopped me.

As a result of dr_nick keeping rebo's head intact... here we have a quick and agile creator of massive explosions and devastation. I'm not talking about rebo, anymore; I'm talking about everyone's favorite demolition man:

Unskinned model & colored concept art
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