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Class Changes


  • Caltrops have been removed in favor of the Jump Pad. This device allows allies to get a quick boost of speed.
  • He takes halved fall damage.


  • Sniper rifle 'tags' enemies so that your teammates can see them behind walls.
  • Legshots are more powerful with low charge.



  • Detpack is now in the sixth weapon slot.
  • Blue grenades detonate much faster, making them an effective close-quarters weapon.


  • The medkit infections no longer spread between enemies.
  • Infections now wear off after a certain time, and cannot kill an enemy.
  • If an infected person is cured, he will be immune to infection for 10 seconds.
  • Secondary fire will now throw medkits to heal at a distance.


  • Instead of a MIRV grenade, HWGuy has a Slowfield grenade that quickly slows down enemy players within a radius
  • Secondary fire will use an ability called "overpressure" that he can use to knock back enemies that get too close.


  • The flamethrower does more damage.
  • Flamethrower has a pushback effect for the Pyro and can be used as a jetpack if the player is facing down while firing it.
  • The IC projectile now acts more as a mortar, can be used for long-range bombardment.
  • Damage from the flamethrower, IC, and the napalm grenade now stack to do extra damage.
  • Secondary fire switches between the Flamethrower and IC.


  • Spies can either cloak or feign and cloak, and they can move around while cloaked to a limited degree. An unmoving cloaked Spy is completely invisible, where as when moving, you are not.
  • Spies can sabotage buildings by going up to them, then selecting 'Sabotage' from the radial menu (secondary fire). Sentry guns are turned onto their own team, and then explode, where as dispensers are detonated (which can cause some friendly fire incidents).
  • Spies can fall greater distances without making a noise.
  • Gas grenades have been removed.


  • Sentries and dispensers are now selectable in the weapon slots.
  • Sentry Guns can be aimed at whatever the crosshair is pointing at.
  • The Rail Gun can be charged up and now fires a bouncing projectile that becomes more powerful with each bounce. It also ignores armor.
  • If charged for 3.333 seconds, the Rail Gun will give the user 40 cells.

Weapon Changes

  • Nails travel faster than before.
  • Explosion range on many weapons has been reduced (the exact amount differs between weapons)

Movement changes

  • Bunnyhopping no longer requires a script or mousewheel to time jumps; simply press and hold the jump key to jump repeatedly.
  • You can now double jump to greater heights by jumping off the floor twice in quick succession.