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Team Selection

Team selection menu screenshot

The first step once you've joined a server is to choose a team. There are a total of four(4) possible teams. Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. You have the ability to choose any team you see avaiable, or to choose "auto-select." Choosing the auto feature assigns you in a manor that keeps the teams even.

Red is usually the defensive team on Capture the Flag maps, however on AvD maps this may not be the case.

In most maps, there are two teams to select from. It is usually prudent to select auto-assign. Sometimes it's better to hit tab and check the scores and put yourself on the team that needs help the most. If you want to change teams in the middle of the game after you've joined the server, press the "N" key or the "." key

Once a team is chosen you may then choose which class you want to play as. As soon as you select a class, you will appear in-game and be ready to play.

Class Selection

Class Selection Menu

There are a total of ten different classes in Fortress Forever (although usually only nine are available). Each is geared towards a different style of play and has a different role on the team. Choose a class that fits your play style and will help out the team. Try to keep the class balance even. For example, if there are three Demomen on your team, they probably don't need a fourth. The classes below are categorized in to "Offensive," "Defensive," and "Hybrid" classes. This indicates a class's primary role in the game. Many classes can operate effectively in opposite roles, however. It's up to you to discover those!

Offensive Classes

These classes are generally considered "offense" in the game. They're usually the ones attacking the enemy base, capturing flags, and taking over command points. As a general rule, the offensive classes tend to be faster and lighter than the defensive classes. They also usually have more mobility options available to them.

  • Scout: Bring out your inner speed demon. The Scout is the signature offensive class on your team. He has the fastest base walking speed in the game, and combining that with advanced techniques such as bunnyhopping and concussion jumping, the scout is not much more than a blur to his enemies. He's good for capturing flags and not much else. He sports a paltry selection of weaponry and is the most fragile character. Movement and dodging are the name of the scout's game, not brute force.
  • Medic: The Medic, who's really more of a combat medic, is the other main offensive unit in the game. He's a bit more hardy than the scout, and he packs more weapons. Consequently, he's also a bit slower. The Medic is often used when the defense is too tough for the Scout to get through. His super nail gun is a prime weapon for destroying sentry guns; it does twice as much damage as the regular nail gun.
  • Spy: The Spy is the covert ops specialist of the offensive squad. With his myriad special abilities, the Spy is perfect for infiltrating the enemy base and causing all sorts of havoc. He has the ability to disguise as the enemy team, go invisible, and sabotage enemy buildables, just to name a few things. A skilled spy can be essential for moving the flag in heavily defended areas and strategically taking out enemies so the rest of the team has it easier on the attack.

Defensive Classes

These classes are usually stronger and slower than their offensive counterparts. They have bigger guns capable of stopping the enemy offense from reaching their objective, whether it be a flag, command point, or escape route.

  • Sniper: One shot, one kill. The Sniper is the front line of defense against enemy attackers: crippling leg shots, radio tagging, and otherwise maiming the enemy are his forte. His signature weapon is, of course, the sniper rifle. The FF Sniper continues in the tradition of Team Fortress with the unique charging mechanic. The longer you hold down the mouse button, the more powerful your shot becomes (up to a maximum of course!).
  • Soldier: The Soldier is the staple of any defense. He carries a rocket launcher and super shotgun as primary weapons. The rocket launcher packs a deadly punch, and has great stopping power. A soldier does best in enclosed spaces, but a good one can be very effective in all manner of terrain.
  • Heavy Weapons Guy: A defensive class if there ever was one, the HW Guy is a very heavy guy with a very heavy weapon. His assault cannon tears attackers to ribbons. With the most armor in the game, and the ability to not be knocked around by explosions, the HW Guy is a veritable brick wall.
  • Engineer: The Engineer is the supporting backbone of any good defense. Though he is physically weak (second only to the scout!), his weapons, grenades, and buildable structures earn him his well-respected position. His main ability is building sentry guns. These are automated, upgradeable turrets that will lock on and attack enemies. He can also supply other defenders with armor and ammo.

Hybrid Classes

Hybrid classes are able to operate effectively in niche offense or defense roles. They may be geared more towards a specific role above, but their abilities allow them to be useful on either offense or defense.

  • Demoman: The Demoman is mainly a defense class, but his collection of powerful weapons and grenades makes him an optimal unit to punch a hole in the enemy defense. When playing on defense, the Demoman makes an excellent flag guard because of his ability to lay deadly remote detonation pipe bomb traps. When someone walks over the trap, BOOM! On offense, the Demoman can make good use of his grenade/pipe launcher and MIRV grenades to take out enemy sentry guns or heavily armored defenders.
  • Pyro: Always having been something of an oddity in the world of Fortress, the Pyro packs a flaming punch with his flamethrower, incendiary cannon, and napalm grenades. He is mainly suited to offense because of his many mobility techniques, but he can operate well as a defensive unit in small, enclosed areas. Though he lacks stopping power, his ability to stack flame damage can quickly kill enemy offense.

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