Patch 2.5.1

Released June 13, 2015


  • Increase flag touch bounds a bit:
    • Height from 65% of model height to 80%
    • Width from 100% of model width to 150%
    • Stops a single SG from being able to completely block the flag, though you can still make it difficult to grab
    • Flag model bounds: 26.254800796509 x 69.179306283593
    • Flag bounds before this change: 26.254800796509 x 45.048884835839
    • Flag bounds after this change: 39.382202148438 x 55.155250549316
  • Add documentation for "disguise last" functionality through the description of disguise command.
  • Enable hud_speedometer by default
  • Add basic armorstrip convar: mp_friendlyfire_armorstrip
    • From the cvar description: "If > 0, only deals armor damage to teammates. The armor damage is multiplied by the value of the cvar (mp_armorstrip 0.5 means half damage). Requires mp_friendlyfire 1"
  • Disabling security now gives a player 50 fortress points and displays a HUD message to all


  • Fix CFFPlayer noisy BodyTarget while crouched (should make explosions while crouched behave better)
  • Fix explosions doing too much damage to crouched players in certain cases
  • Fix explosions going through brushes when directly underneath them
  • Fix HH nades not doing damage to nearby players while standing still
  • Fix laser grenade beams getting drawn through walls
  • Fix players on ladders counting as airshots
  • Fix spy disguise weapon for classes that got weapons removed in 2.5.0
  • Dispenser cells required to build displayed correctly; now reads 100 instead of 30
  • Fix various HUD timers getting added with time + 1


  • Add global callbacks intermission() and restartround()
    • intermission() is called when intermission starts
    • restartround() is called right before the round is restarted, to allow for Lua to persist data before the Lua environment is destroyed and re-created
  • Add get equivalents of exposed team set functions
  • Add global ServerCommand function (a map-agnostic alternative to the point_servercommand entity)
  • Add player:GetArmorAbsorption
  • Update func_button:ondamage lua callback to use parameters instead of global vars