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* [[System_Requirements|System Requirements]]
* [[System_Requirements|System Requirements]]
* [[Downloads|Downloading and Installation]]
* [[Downloads|Downloading and Installation]]
* [[Main_Menu|Main Menu]]
* [[Setup|In-Game Setup]]
* [[Setup|In-Game Setup]]

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File:Banner.png Welcome to the Fortress Forever Manual
MainPage ScoutConc.jpg
A Scout concs to safety on Push

This is the online game manual for Fortress Forever, a free mod for all owners of HL2

This manual is currently under development, but will eventually provide extensive information on how to set up Fortress Forever, start playing and learn the ins and outs of the game. But in the mean time, don't panic! (and please help out filling in the gaps where you can.)

Fortress Forever is a class-based 3D online teamwork game. Pick between 9 different classes and partake in a variety of different game styles including capture the flag, territorial control and assassination. Learn each of the different play styles of each class: are you the quick and nimble type like the scout? The tactical type like the engineer? Perhaps the mad crazy anarchic type like the pyro? Develop your abilities with many different movement tricks such as bunnyhopping, trimping and sharking. And other things too, it'll be awesome (need a writer here quick!). Also need a nice picture for over there -->

If you would like to contribute, please read the FF Wiki Style and usage guidelines.

There's a todo list here.


Installation and Setup

Playing the Game

Class Guides

Advanced Gameplay

Map Guides

Capture the Flag

Territorial Control




Technical Reference Guides