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LUA commands that are specific for Fortress Forever. This list is incomplete and will be replaced eventually, and everything put into categories.

Global Functions

Global functions are not confined to any object type. They can be called alone, from just about anywhere in the script.


local player = CastToPlayer( player_entity )
AddHudTimer(player, "timer", 300, -1, 0, 70, 4)

This global function is not a player function, though it takes a player object as a parameter.

Casting Commands

These functions cast game objects into different data types. See Lua:Entity_typing.

Entity Checks

These commands are used to check if the specified entity is a game entity of a specific type. See Lua:Entity_typing.

Player messaging and sounds

These are used to send text messages and sounds to players.


Schedules are a way to delay the effects of a script for a specific length of time.

HUD Items

Through Lua, a map can display information on a player's screen.

Objective Icons

Objective icons help guide the player to where they are supposed to be.


These lua functions are useful for getting your scripts working.

Object functions

Each class of entity will have its own set of functions. These are listed in the links below:

  • Damageinfo-- An object that is created every time someone/something gets hurt in the game.
  • Entity --A generic game entity from which all of the below are derived.
  • Buildable -- Sentries, dispensers, etc.
  • info_ff_script -- A FF game object. These are most often used as flags or other objectives.
  • Player -- Anyone that's connected to a server.
  • Team -- A team is a group of folks who don't like other groups of folks.